Project C is looking for dedicated individuals to join the movement! The project is comprised of several different elements, and each of these elements have appointed committees.These committees are;

  • The executive Committee
  • Youth mentor Committee
  • Production Committee
  • Research development Committee

These committees  include one or more board member along with other Project C Members. each of these committee board’s hold 4 or 5 standing members, these members are in charge of maintaining its committees mandate as well as its youth volunteers. Currently the production committee and youth mentor committee are looking for new committee board members, the people selected will act as standing board members. The requirements for these roles goes as followed:

  • Must be between the ages 18-25
  • Have had experience as either a youth in care, cross -over kid, at risk youth or indigenous youth
  • Can commit to two mandatory  group meetings a month as well as a flexible schedule, in the production there will
    be meetings that take place through out the week so this committee requires more hours then the others.
  • The youth mentor committee will be in charge of all peer-to-peer mentor interactions ass well as making sure all youth mentor volunteers needs are being made adequately as well as the needs of the youth involved


Connect with Project C

If you have any questions or comments please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Project C does not have a set office location,however most of our members live in Toronto or are in the Greater Toronto area. If you do not live in Toronto we will find ways to accommodate you.

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