Project C | Cross-Over Youth Project

Project C is a youth-lead initiative dedicated to providing a voice and path of success for vulnerable youth in the Child Welfare system.

Our project is ran largely on our community partnerships, providing youth with opportunities to get involved in their communities outside of the child welfare sector. It has become an awareness campaign that transformed from a creative project to a non-profit organization.

The purpose of the project is to portray real life stories by youth at risk/youth in care/etc. to create awareness of the systemic issues that youth experience in the system. By creating this project, we have provided the opportunity for youth to engage ​directly in the project to give their credible voice some volume in the system.

Each youth that contributes a story is provided 3-10 minutes of film time to portray their story, and is strictly involved in the process of it. By having youth involved in production, we give them the opportunity to then utilize what they have learned onto a current one, taking over as mentors allowing them to build a resume so that they may move on to other projects.

It is a creative series portraying true events and each film will intersect with each other in a unique way, involving an alternative realm and a subconscious character named Flux.

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