The Project is developing in-depth training modules for those involved in child welfare about the youth justice system (law and practice) and vice-versa.  The modules will provide a “walk through” of each of the child welfare and youth justice systems. The educational materials will also address the multiplicity of issues faced by youth involved across systems including mental health, educational, income and housing information. We are also working on a module about “lessons learned” based on inquest recommendations resulting from failures of the systems to work together.

We will be preparing modules on trauma, including trauma from discrimination and the impact of criminalizing youth from care.

 Project C‘s youth-led training initiatives will be incorporated into our modules.

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(March 22nd, 2016) 

Information Sharing About the Systems Involved in the Cross-Over Youth Issues
The objective of the March 22nd information session is to bring together the different service sectors that regularly work with youth in care. The goal is for the child welfare and youth justice systems to get to know more about each other to better serve youth.

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